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Welcome to EuromagData!

EuromagData is an interactive remote meter readying and managing system, simple, safe and adaptable, that will keep all your sensors under control in real time, 24/7 from wherever you are. All sensors' values can be set according to your needs, to the installation specifications and to where they are located. EuromagData means full control and is not only about the flow: it guarantees the perfect management and storage of the data in a total respect of the privacy. Safe data, safe flowrates.

Keep it safe

Through the "edit sensors" and "show sensors" pages, you can set all your relevant values, for each sensor, and easily check if everything is within the values you have set with the graphs or from the numeric charts, according to what you need. EuromagData will eventually worn you whenever any value is out of your settings, so flows and costs management will always be in your hands.

Have a better control

The greater are the areas, the networks and the distances, the more important is to have the power to have everything under control, from one single point and just a click away: flow, pressure, temperature, alerts and complete loggings. The mission is to contain any unwanted situation, keep costs under control and guarantee the efficiency of the systems, saving your resources and services.

Easily organized

EuromagData is a simple and user friendly web site. Every customer has its own profile with its fundamental active role. Just log in and see your sensors, customize them with a name with the localization on the map, and with all your important notes.

Stay in touch

Have a look at the maps for a global view of your sensors network and use all the opportunities that EuromagData can bring to be always connected. Contact Euromag International and discover the technology, the reliability and customer connection of a leading Company in the Italian and International metering market.

Euromag technology and reliability

Euromag International is worldwide synonymous of technology and innovation, R&D, high precision, care in the details. Everything is focused to guarantee reliability and control in a simple and innovative way, from big management systems to the smallest industrial applications. Other than quality of the products, there is a common vision on the right way to manage the sources and a continuous challenge towards innovation: 30 years of experience in the flow measurement, quality made in Italy with an international vision, active in 5 Continents, in more than 100 Countries, recognized partnerships with international leading Companies.

Watch the Euromag International presentation here.

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